Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout in Morocco is the surfing capital of the North African nation. This is a true surfing town and you can see why from the first moment you step foot in the small town. You will find surf shops galore and tourists carrying boards. Taghazout is located 40 minutes from Agadir which is the closest town with an airport. Flying into Essaouira is also another option so check out flights for both towns.

The main surfing season is from October to April, with the largest swell hitting local spots like Anchor Point in December and January. No matter what season you visit Morocco in, you will be sure to find surf. Summer is a great time for beginner surfers to learn about the waves. The

crowds are smaller and the waves are normally between 1.5ft and 4ft in July and August. This makes it a perfect surfing destination for first-time surfers or beginners.

It will most likely be easier to hire a board when you get to Taghazout and don’t worry there are lots of options for board rental. The town is full of organic vegan cafes, handmade carpets and features camels wandering on the beach. Taghazout is a unique surfing destination and would be a great location for a girls surfing trip.

There are many surf camps in the town and surrounding areas. Many of them offer an all-inclusive package that includes lessons, surf guiding and rentals. This is a great way to get the best value and to have a chill holiday because everything is planned in advance for you.

If you are wanting to mix up your surfing trip why not look into joining a yoga retreat or exploring Paradise Valley which is full of hiking and swimming options. There is so much to do in Morocco’s surfing capital you won’t be bored and your belly will be full of tagine in no time.