Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Surfing in Puerto Rico is such a dream. With year-round warm water, fun local surfing culture and a variety of conditions depending on your surfing ability this is the perfect surfing destination. There are lots of local surf shops that offer board rentals, lessons and guided tours if that is what you are looking for.


The best surf on the island is up around the northwest coast. The towns of Isabela to Rincon are where most of the surfers flock to. The swell usually peaks from October to February and in the summer months the waves normally calm down. So depending on your surfing skill level, pick the best time to travel to Puerto Rico that suits your ability.

If you need to take a few lessons then La Pared in Luquillo is the best beach for surfing lessons as it is a beach break. It is only 45 min drive from San Juan and is located at the base of the mountains of the famous El Yunque rainforest.

The island is known for powerful, hollow reef breaks which are typically more suited to an intermediate to advanced surfer. However, if this does not interest you there are always opportunities to find calmer breaks and the opportunity to surf either side of the big swell. For those of you who love to stand up paddleboard as well as surf then La Islita in the San Juan area and Kikita and Cerro Gordo, in the northeast are fantastic options for you.

The friendly laid back vibe of Puerto Rico will allow you to unwind and enjoy your surfing vacation. Break up the days of surfing with different activities and enjoy the natural beauty of Puerto Rico. Sailing and snorkeling trips are recommended if you want to explore the ocean. Why not head into the rainforest and explore the caves or go on a ziplining adventure through the jungle. There truly is something for everyone in Puerto Rico.